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Castello Bertolli - embossed capsule, driven cork.Most unusual bottle shaped like an old Port decanter with long neck and rounded bottom, unable to be upright without a stand,.Never seen anything like it before.

Hand blown clear glass bottle circa 1900. Wine has a good dark colour

circa 1900

upper shoulder.

Looks more due to long neck


Vino Liquoroso

Linfa Salvs Cantina de Garda Catvillo Desenzano.

16 % Incredible white carved stone flagon shaped bottle. Driven cork. Rare

circa 1940's High fill £50
1 Litre


Melini. Half whicker straw covered bottle. Fully labelled

1958 Into neck £25


Bigi. Half covered wicker bottle, driven cork

circa 1950's Top shoulder £12

Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi Classico

Dusty label, old classic shaped bottle

circa 1950's Into neck £10


Renato Ratti Abbazia dell Annunziata. Numbered bottle 9585. Good label. Back label states Selezionata Mino Auletta

1966 Very top shoulder £100


Bertani, slip label only

1971 Into neck £8

Bardolino Superiore

Slightly bin soiled label, remains of vintage label

1975 Very top shoulder £15


Fattoria di Vicchio, Estate bottled by Saverio Piazzini, good label

1978 Upper shoulder £20

Bianco Vergine Valdichiano

G.Cecchi. Dusty label 

1979  Top Shoulder £10
1 Litre Chianti Classico DOC Piccini Pierangelo. Half whicker covered bottle. Very good label 1981 Into neck £25
1 Vinot Piedmonte Nebbiolo Gaja. Selection da Bersi Giovane. Good label 1989 Into neck £100
1 Chianti Ruffino. Good label 1995 2cms £15
1 x 50cl Picolit Colli del Oientali del Friuli. Rocca Bernada. Good label 1996 Into neck £35
1 x 3 litre Ornella Molon Vite Rossa IGT Campo di Pietra. Very good label, Wax capsule - 13% - 50% Merlot. 20% Cabernet Franc 30% Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Into Neck



Prices, per Bottle in pounds sterling.

C.B. Chateau Bottled, D.B. Domaine Bottled, B.B. Bordeaux Bottled, F.B. French Bottled, L.B. London Bottled