Rare Spirits
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Quantity Type  Description  Year  Level  Per Bottle 
1 Curacao Superieure

 Clourful label, very old bottling. Rare

19yh century very top shoulder £150
1 x half Benedictine

 Very good label and capsule

circa 1950's top shoulder £80
1 Safari African Drink

 Mango, Papaya, Passion fruit, Lemon. Glass Flagon, Good label 70cl. 20% alc

circa 1960's into neck £20
1 Litre Cinzano Bianco Chinato

16.5% Very Good label - Rare

circa 1960's / 70's Very top shoulder £40
1 Creme de Banane

Edmond Briottet 25% very good label

circa 1970's Top shoulder £30
1 Appleton 8 year old Reserve Jamaica Rum

. Good label

Bottles 2002 Into neck £30
1 Litre Old Nassau Coconut Rum Liqueur

Produced and bottled by Burns House Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas. 60 Proof. Very good label

circa 1960's Into neck £40
1 Tahiti Coco and Rum Liqueur

Good label 19%

circa 197o's Into neck £20
1 x half Noyeau

 Bowmark Brand. Bowen& McKenchie, London. Driven cork, Slightly toprn label

circa 1920's or earlier Very top shoulder £50
1 Noix Liqueur

Reserve Julia. Badly bin soiled label - Rare

circa 1950's or earlier Very top shoulder £30
1 half Prune Liqueur

Garnier, disintigrated label

circa 1950's top shoulder £10
1 Anisette Duval Liqueur

Marseille. 25%. Dusty label

circa 1950's Into neck £40
1 Anisette Garnier

 47 proof. Bin soilded label

circa 1950's very top shoulder £25
1 x Litre Mari Mayans Hierbas Ibicenas liqueur

With plant sticks inside 

circa 1970's Into neck £20
1 Herbas Mallorca Schnapps Chupito D'Herbes,very colourful label circa 1970's into neck £20
1 Palo dos Perellons Mallorca herbal liqueur - 25% circa 1980's Very top shoulder £20
1 Frappier Cognac Good label, early bottling circa 1960's very top shoulder £40
1 Denis Mounie Cognac Very little remains of label, name on metal capsule, early bottling circa 1960's top shoulder £30
1 x 37.5cl

 Bells decanter 

 Specially selected old Scotch whisky

circa 1970's High fill £10

Bannermans 'Heart of the Malt'

Blended Malt Whisky. Strathmill Distillery Banffshire. Good label, Rare

Bottled 1990

Into neck £60

The Original Bannermans 'Heart of the Malt' Brose

Blend of Pure malt whiskies, Rolled oats, Roasted barley, Heather honey. Unususal shped bottle. Good label

circa 1960's

Top shoulder £70

Conac Parra Vieja

Modesto Soler, Arenys de Munt, Barcelona. Jug shaped Wicker cased bottled

Circa 1960's

bottom neck £40

Napoleon Reserva 12 Spanish Brandy

Good label

circa 1970's

into neck £15
3 x 50cl


Mentzendorf 38%. Specially produced by Colombier Distillery Saumur France - 23.02.2009. Perfect condition


into neck £25
1 small bottle Schinkenhager Gin Stoneware bottle, driven cork, labelled, very early bottling circa 1940's or earlier High fill £5
1 x 35cl

Schinkenhager Gin h.c. konig

Stoneware bottle labelled, driven cork very early bottling

circa 1940's or earlier

Hill fill £20


Juniper Schnapps - 45% Deutsches Erzeugnis Adolph Huber Achern. Good picturesque bottle and label

Circa 1970's

Bottom Neck £20
1 x 35cl

Schnaps, Special Krauterlikor

Gassl Berg Feuer, Berchtesgarten, Germany. Very colourful label with printed cloth over the capsule

circa 1980's

Top shoulder £20


Bardinet. Stained labels

Circa 1970's

Upper shoulder

1 Guernsey Cream Liqueur Good label circa 1970's Into neck £12
1 Litre

Guignolet d'Angers

Wild Cherry Liqueur. Gifford, scuffed label 18%

circa 1950's

Upper shoulder £20
1 x 50cl


Olaf Peter Anderson, Sweden, very good condition

Circa 1960's

Top shoulder £20
1 x 35cl

Peach Bitters

Hoppe, Holland 35cl bottle - 45% Good label, slight tear

Circa 1970's

Into Neck £12

Fine Bourgogne VSOP

Marquis de Montdidier. Good label

Circa 1970's

Into Neck


Marc de Cavas Hill

Penedes, Spain

circa 1970's

Upper shoulder


Prices, per Bottle in pounds sterling.

C.B. Chateau Bottled, D.B. Domaine Bottled, B.B. Bordeaux Bottled, F.B. French Bottled, L.B. London Bottled